Scientific library

scientific library

Intellectual Center - Scientific library named after E.I. Ovsyankin is an important part of the University’s info space.

NArFU library was based on libraries of Pomor State University, Arkhangelsk State Technical University and on libraries of Arkhangelsk Technical and Forestry College, Technical University in Severodvinsk and Extramural Institute of Finance and Economics.

The library includes different loan departments along with traditional reading halls and reading halls providing electronic resources, bibliographic departments, department of preservation of library funds.

Library funds consist of circa 1.2 million educational and scientific books, periodicals, abstracts of dissertations and dissertations itself, teaching aids, bibliographic indexes, foreign publications in print and electronic media.

Library’s priorities:

  • leading new technologies into working process
  • creating a comfortable space for work and study
  • project-making and innovative methodological activities

Our aims:

  • Making a net-based info space for educational and research purposes through providing a common access to informational resources
  • Following up-to-date tendencies in library and book-publishing. Forming the course for the future development
  • Guiding the working process of university’s libraries
  • Providing the access to modern conveniences: up-to-date books and information services
  • Guiding the process of making and development of information portal of the library
  • Guiding the process of creating and development of archives of printed and electronic resources dedicated to Arctic studies (Arctic Fund);
  • Organizing modern convenient reading halls and electronic reading halls, providing access to international info content
  • Establishing the communication with visitors, providing proper conditions for visitors with special needs
  • Communication with authors of textbooks, monographies and education publications. Organizing networking process with other libraries.

Our highlights by 2019:

  • Library fund includes 1 165 965 copies
  • 14 882 clients
  • 612 901 visitors: 190 378 physical persons and 420 523 online users
  • 278 274 copies were taken. Including 5 357 electronic copies

Our fields of concern:

  • Scientific
  • Educational
  • Arctic and local studies
  • Cultural
  • Social

The development of the library is going under state regulations and:

  • Forms universal info space for science and education of the region
  • Provides convenient conditions for library visitors and clients
  • Provides opportunities for librarians’ professional growth
  • Promotes the leisure activity of reading back into the society
  • Communicates with other libraries worldwide
  • Includes self-presentation of the library in the city and out of it

Last Updated on 23 March 2020