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Arctic Floating University

Arctic Floating University is an annual scientific and education marine expedition, which brings together young people and researchers in order to study the Arctic. For scientists — it is a possibility to conduct research in the high-latitude Arctic. For students — it’s a unique educational program containing multidisciplinary course of lectures and practical training together with experienced researchers.

Aims of the expedition:

  • organize complex interdisciplinary research of the Arctic environment;
  • training of young researchers and specialists for work in the Arctic region (hydrometeorology, ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, geography);
  • develop international scientific and educational collaboration in the Arctic.

The expedition program consists of the research and educational sections:

  • study of the hydrological regime of the seas of the Arctic Ocean;
  • study of transfer through biological pathways of highly toxic pollutants to Arctic Ecosystems;
  • monitoring of the state of the environment in areas of active economic activity in the marine and coastal zones of the White, Barents Seas;
  • structural geology and paleomagnetic research;
  • study of the adaptive mechanisms of the human to the conditions of the high-latitude Arctic;
  • assessment of the natural and cultural heritage of the Arctic Territories in order to assess the potential for tourism development;
  • other research fields.


Last Updated on 24 September 2020